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-Meet the 2021 bands-

The Aftermath

Sioux Falls // Together 5 years // Rock
The Aftermath Sioux Falls
The Aftermath is a family band formed by two families. Brothers and sisters Champ, Eileen, Max, and Eleanor all started learning music at the age of four. Sisters Sophia and Sachi started singing at a very young age and both take guitar lessons. They all have performed individually and are excited to all start playing together.
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Pierre // Together 2 years // Pop Rock
Drop-Off Pierre
Drop Off is an alternative/rock/grunge band from Pierre SD. We do originals and a few covers. We bring the energy of youth to the stage, but the talent of much more seasoned musicians.
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Watertown // Together 3 years // Rock
JAIK Watertown
JAIK began in the fall of 2018 when all of the founding members were in the 6th grade. Jayden performed Coffey Anderson's "Better Today" at his uncle's wedding as a solo. Jayden’s middle school band teacher urged him to perform the song for an upcoming talent competition. Jayden suggested a band perform and with the help of his band teacher, they formed the band. They began practicing "Better Today" after school in preparation for the talent competition. They also had to pick a name for their band. At the time, JAIK was an acronym for the founding members' first names; Jayden (lead vocals and guitar), Avery (keyboard), Isaak (bass), and Kale (drums). They won the talent competition that year in the junior division and went on to place 3rd at the state competition. Since then, Avery has left the group. The remaining boys were friends with Jeremiah and knew he played guitar so they invited him into the group. Jeremiah joined the group in the fall of 2019. Jeremiah had to work hard to cover ground and learn their material. It also changed their sound. Most recently Konnor has joined the group in early 2021. Konnor is making good progress and filling in areas allowing them to play more difficult songs. Each one of the boys brings something different to the group as their music tastes differ but they all are open to playing songs that the others pick; broadening all of their talents.
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Rapid City // Together 4 months // Pop Rock
Rowen Grace Band Rapid City
The Rowan Grace Band covers many genres including Pop, Rock, Classic Rock, Indie and Alternative. RGB was formed in April of 2021. The members that make up the band are all graduates of the local Rock School Program. Members of the band are as follows: Lead Vocalist: Rowan Grace Rowan has been singing locally for 4 years and has written, recorded and released her original music. Rowan’s musical influences include The Beatles, Elton John, Queen, Adele and Bille Eilish. Lead Gutarist: Dyami Gireau Dyami’s musical journey began when he pickup his guitar at age 10, his musical influences consist of The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Red Hot Chili Peppers among many other bands with guitar greats. Drummer: Weston Rathbun Weston comes from a family of talented drummers, he started playing drums at 18. Weston’s favorite drummers are Dave Grohl and Animal form the Muppets. Bass Guitarist: Josh Simpson Josh has been playing guitar and bass guitar for 7 years and brings a very solid yet intricate bass line to the band as well as a keen sense of rock fashion to the stage.
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Mitchell // Together 3 years // Rhythm & Blues
Tritones Mitchell
The TriTones jazz combo was formed by a group of overeager musicians students at Mitchell high school in the summer of 2019. Since then, they have performed at various gigs including the Mitchell farmer’s market, a Christmas tour of the local nursing homes, four high school band concerts, and more recently The Back 40 in downtown Mitchell. Over the summer they will be performing in their first gig outside of Mitchell, at the new Parkston amphitheater, and again at The Back 40. The group is comprised of 4 rhythm section members and 6 winds and led by trumpet player and incoming senior Zachary Van Meter. Though they don’t have a set style they play, the predominant genre of the group is fusion.
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